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New Cleopatra Center

offers the best medical care in both IVF and Aesthetic Departments .

Many success rates have proven high results

whether in the cosmetic and skincare department, or in the IVF department, and the treatment of health problems for women and men.

Availability of a distinguished medical staff

with expertise and high efficiency in the various specialties offered by the center.

The best center in Egypt and the Middle East

for the treatment of delayed childbearing and female problems and achieves the best results in the department of cosmetics, skincare, and hair.

It provides the best devices and modern technologies

in the world of cosmetic medicine and IVF.

It provides the best sterilization methods

and all precautionary measures against viruses.



To expand in the largest governorates of Egypt and the Middle East and to include the name of the New Cleopatra Center among the names of the international centers in the field of cosmetics and microscopic injection.



  • Our mission at New Cleopatra Center is to provide all means of medical care to serve all patients in various governorates of Egypt and to achieve the highest international success rates in the treatment of delayed childbearing and cosmetic medicine.
  • Our research will continue to generate innovative solutions and new knowledge to inform what’s new that makes a difference in patient care and the future of healthcare.

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