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Face wrinkles

Known as facial wrinkles, they are skin bumps, which usually appear when a person ages or due to other factors, and there are many areas where wrinkles appear; Like the face, neck, hands, and arms, facial wrinkles begin to appear based on the most apparent facial expressions, and with technological advancements and medical development the solution has been found with the latest techniques for treating facial wrinkles.

Treating facial wrinkles

There are many ways to treat facial wrinkles in several ways, depending on the nature of the condition and the doctor’s report. Among the methods of treating facial wrinkles are the following:

1- Botox injection:

Botox injections are used to relax the muscles under wrinkles only, thus allowing the skin to stretch smoothly, making it wrinkle-free.

2- Filler injection:

 Filler injection is used to fill wrinkles with it, various synthetic compounds, collagen, or hyaluronic acid.

3- Laser treatment:

As this technique removes the top layer of the skin, this stimulates the skin to produce collagen in abundance to make the skin wrinkle-free and smoother.

4- Chemical peeling:

This technique uses chemicals to exfoliate the top layer of the skin, which stimulates the production of more collagen, resulting in younger, smoother skin.

5- Dermabrasion peeling technique:

The upper layer of skin cells is removed to allow the growth of new cells, which leads to the disappearance of fine lines and treatment of facial wrinkles, along with chemical peels and mild crystals.

6- Skin tightening:

Where heat is used to tighten the skin, and results begin to appear gradually over a period of 4 to 6 months.

7- facelift operation:

This operation includes removing excess skin, double hips, and sagging skin under the face and neck, in addition to tightening the underlying muscles and connective tissue of the face, and the results of this process last for a long period of time from 5 to 10 years.

8- Facelift with thread

Where the face is lifted and facial skin sagging is eliminated by facial threads.

9- Pharmacotherapy

Such as topical retinoids derived from vitamin A, which works to reduce wrinkles, blemishes, and roughness of the skin, and it should be noted that the sunscreen should be used daily while using these drugs so as not to damage the skin.

10- Anti-wrinkle creams

 It can be used over the counter, as it is based in part on natural, active, and active ingredients such as retinol, antioxidants, and some peptides that improve skin and reduce wrinkles.

In the event that if you have any questions that may be related to the prices of facial wrinkles treatment, what is the best place to treat facial wrinkles or something similar, or about the best beauty center in Egypt, do not hesitate to consult us by contacting us to inform you of all the required details.

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